Tuesday, June 1, 2010

....Turning 27...


Its my birthday today!!..wohoooo...one year older and wiser (adakah??.haha). Didn't plan any birthday celebration since my hubby busyyy gilerrr (had to do his labwork till midnite) and i'll be accompanying him in the lab tonite (nya takut sorang2 lam lab..hehe)..plus im too heavy now nak g jalan2 pun malas (bilalah my baby nak keluar). So no birthday present for me today, hutang my present deng ah, baki bawa ke hadapan..;p

Turning 27, i guess its not a big deal for me,of course the number is getting bigger but i x rasa tua (of course there's a few wrinkles here and there *yeke??* and ive also developed some stretch mark and my body is out of shape due to my pregnancy). But hey, its normal and natural for a woman and the most important thing is, i still feel the same on the inside (young at heart lah tek..hehe) however with more experienced in life (and there's still a lot to learn); even happier and blessed with so many good things (syukur, Alhamdulillah). And this year is going to be a special year for me, im going to be a mummy *excited mode*. Hopefully i'll do well as a mummy, wish me luck guys!.

- Happy birthday to me! ~ happy birthday to me~ happy birthday to meeeeee- happy birthday to meeeee!!!~

Apart from my birthday, its also Gawai Dayak Day today (celebrates by the Dayaks, want to know more click the link)..SELAMAT ARI GAWAI to those who celebrates, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai, iboh minum sampai palau and dont drink and drive!

So its public holiday today for Sarawakians in Srwk (basically every year my birthday is a public holiday, di srwk jaklah..hehe..so its a double celebration for me)..Mesti happening ! ngabang jgn x ngabang..hehe.really miss Kuching , bilalah dapat balit *sigh*.

i'll leave u guys with this gawai song..enjoy!

p/s: Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes in FB guys!!..it really made my day!..; )

signing off

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