Tuesday, June 1, 2010

....Turning 27...


Its my birthday today!!..wohoooo...one year older and wiser (adakah??.haha). Didn't plan any birthday celebration since my hubby busyyy gilerrr (had to do his labwork till midnite) and i'll be accompanying him in the lab tonite (nya takut sorang2 lam lab..hehe)..plus im too heavy now nak g jalan2 pun malas (bilalah my baby nak keluar). So no birthday present for me today, hutang my present deng ah, baki bawa ke hadapan..;p

Turning 27, i guess its not a big deal for me,of course the number is getting bigger but i x rasa tua (of course there's a few wrinkles here and there *yeke??* and ive also developed some stretch mark and my body is out of shape due to my pregnancy). But hey, its normal and natural for a woman and the most important thing is, i still feel the same on the inside (young at heart lah tek..hehe) however with more experienced in life (and there's still a lot to learn); even happier and blessed with so many good things (syukur, Alhamdulillah). And this year is going to be a special year for me, im going to be a mummy *excited mode*. Hopefully i'll do well as a mummy, wish me luck guys!.

- Happy birthday to me! ~ happy birthday to me~ happy birthday to meeeeee- happy birthday to meeeee!!!~

Apart from my birthday, its also Gawai Dayak Day today (celebrates by the Dayaks, want to know more click the link)..SELAMAT ARI GAWAI to those who celebrates, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai, iboh minum sampai palau and dont drink and drive!

So its public holiday today for Sarawakians in Srwk (basically every year my birthday is a public holiday, di srwk jaklah..hehe..so its a double celebration for me)..Mesti happening ! ngabang jgn x ngabang..hehe.really miss Kuching , bilalah dapat balit *sigh*.

i'll leave u guys with this gawai song..enjoy!

p/s: Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes in FB guys!!..it really made my day!..; )

signing off

Sunday, May 30, 2010

...just wanna share...


Just wanna share a couple of music videos i came accross in YT which i think is cool. Just love these guys, they're awesome. Their cover is better than the original IMO. Love, love their voice!!

Me and my hubby never failed to have a fit of laughter everytime we saw this ad. Damn hilarious!!..would u be turn on by a steam carpet cleaner?..uh, uh, not me!..enjoy the vid!..hehe

jokingly i said to my hubby, would u do this for me??..huh!, serious?? u really want me too?? .hahaha..ndak mek mok juak eh!..;p

nyway just a short entry today.. im off to teman my hubby working in the lab in a short while. Last time i used to help him do his labwork ( and i've enjoyed doing it! i always like doing labwork), but now as his experiment becomes more technical and has to deal with machines, i cant do anything else but to be with him there as a motivator (to cheer him up, cheerios lah tek) . Cian my hubby, as his research progress makin stress nya, no wonderlah org refer PHD as permanent head damage. After deliver kelak, xpatlah teman my hubby gik, siannya..motivate pakey telepathy jak..haha

uh oh im in my 39 weeks today, 6 more days is going to be my EDD (bilalah baby nak keluar tok. x sabar dah..hehe) and in 2 more days i will be 27 ..huhu..dh tua dah aku tok... hopefully baby will come out on the 1st june, sak sama birthday with me...hehe..jimat mun celebrate birthday lak..= >

oklah, signing off..

cau cin cau

Thursday, May 27, 2010

...Another Sleepless Nite...

I cant sleep at all last nite, i look like a panda now, with little black ring around my puffy eyes. Apart from a contraction and the baby kicking, the main reason i cant sleep is because of the opera song. Damn that crazy old lady ( my crazy neighbour that i mentioned in my previous post), at around 2 am i was awaken by her opera song!, that lady must has been cranking up her stereo up to the max last nite (despite the heavy rain, i can still hear her song playing), starting around 2 am till , well literally now ( i would really love to kick her A** ,well pardon my french). What was she thinking ?? Playing those songs at the wee hour!, i guess she has no respect at all for her neighbours. I'm pretty sure she has awakened most of the ppl in our neighbourhood. Because of her, im hating opera now! (i have nothing against opera songs up until now, that lady really has given opera a bad rep), to me the sound of croaking frog or crow squawking is much more acceptable rather than the opera songs...haish...geram geram, rasa nak ngamok jak..

- sleepless nite-

-i officially hates opera-

Just a short entry today, saja nak melepas geram!

Signing off

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



I'm in my 38 weeks now, my tummy is already big and round ;looks like a pilates ball and feels like its going to burst anytime soon (haha..memang dh sarat giler). I walk terkedek kedek like Pingu the penguin (lucu jak rupa) , and it has been hard for me to perform solat mcm biasa, so i had to solat on the chair instead (bcos everytime i rukuk or sujud , rs mcm nk terkeluar jak bb). As a first time mummy, im having a mixed feelings while anticipating the arrival of my baby (nervous, fear, excitement, anxious, macam macam ada!) and there seems to be thousands of questions running through my mind ; such as; how will i cope with the pain during during labour??; will my baby be healthy and normal ??; will i be a good mom??...and etc...I guess i'll only know all the answers when the time comes *sigh*.

- me @ 37 weeks with my pilates ball..haha-

- this is how i walk nowadays..hehe-

Anyway, i've been subscribing to Birth.com.au which update me with my weekly pregnancy. To expecting mums out there i reccommend this website for more information and guidelines.

What is happenning now?

You are now 38 weeks pregnant, which is the beginning of week 39.

With around two weeks to go, your baby may be about 49 cm long (19.2 inches) and approximately 3,200 grams in weight (3.2 kg or just over 7lb).

The fine covering of hair on your baby's body (called lanugo) all but disappears now, but their skin is still covered with thick, greasy, white cream called vernix. If your baby is a boy, their testes have now descended from their groin area into their scrotum. Your baby's placenta now covers about one third of the inner surface of your uterus and processes around 12 litres of blood per hour (or 600 pints every 24 hours)! -birth.com.au-

My 'nesting' period starts about 2 months ago (when i was in my 7 mth), ive started collecting, buying and hunting for baby stuff. Most of the baby stuff that i bought was preloved goods (a nicer way to address second hand goods..haha), bought from friends, swap markets and baby kids markets ; which is a cool place to hunt for baby stuff, most of the preloved goods is branded, of excellent quality and u can buy it for a really cheap price!. Kesian my baby , has to use preloved goods, but then again we have to berjimat cermat, since my hubby is a student and im not working ;plus the cost of living here is very , very high *sigh*(sian kmk org, kais pagi mkn pagi, kais ptg mkn petang..ehehe..xda lah sampey camya, bulak li jak). The only thing that we bought first hand was the baby car seat ; its a requirement to use baby car seat in OZ; and we have already fitted the car seat one month ago (semangat seyh)...hehe..Luggage pun dh ready, tinggal nunggu masa jak.

- tips on how to put your baby to sleep and reduce SIDS-

- getting ready: the baby cot-

- getting ready: my luggage..ready to go...

Owh oklah, sorry for the long post, must be boring reading it, i tend to overdo whenever i've started writing. I'll stop ranting now. Nyway, Wish me luck guys! I need all the luck that i can get.=)

Oh Oh , one more thing, last nite me and hubby couldnt sleep, u know why? Because we have a crazy old lady as a neighbour!..last nite at around 3 am she suddenly belted out an opera song (scary, tiba2 tgh mlm dengar bunyi opera) and when our other neighbour shouted F*** off, she stop singing. The lady really is crazy, she likes to play opera song all day long from 5 am to around 1-2 am, while singing along to it. Plus she really likes to complaint about petty stuff, she seem to be making a lot of enemies around this block. I really dislike her (mun ada button dislike kat mukanya lamak dh tekan)..fuh!

Cau Cin Cau

Signing off!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

...MY W.E.E.K.E.N.D.....

Hi again,
i've decided to update my blog today, since i've got nothing to do, nak masak pun dh x larat, nk g weekend swap mart pun x larat ( i usually went to the swap mart every sunday hunting for 2nd hand books and odd stuff, bak kata omputeh one man's junk is another man's treasure, chewah), as whenever i walk i feel like weeing and baby nak terkeluar jak..haha..after doing some cleaning and preparing the back room for my mom in law (yes, she'll be coming tomorrow, she'll be helping me with the housework and during confinement kelak) . No cooking today, terpaksalah mkn maggi sajork.My hubby pun bz giler this few weeks ( ciannya, makin berline lah dahi nya kelak), doing his research (designing some pipes for the centrifuge thingy) so malaslah nak kaco..hehe

Yesterday, we went to my 38 weeks antenatal checkup at King Edward memorial Hospital, early in the morning. The midwife that we met, is very nice and friendly, her name is Anna. We chatted up a little, and suprise2, she has been to malaysia , she went to Melaka, Penang and to a ' very muslim state ' ( that's what she said, so im guessing its either kelantan or Terengganu), and she loves it, she loves the food and the cultural diversity ( bangga seh, proud to be,a malaysian)..She loves a city which is not hectic and laidback, so apalagi we promote borneo to her and she said she'd love to come next time..haha..

-with Anna, the friendy and nice midwife-

-my pregnancy health record-

Ok, enuff bout that, back to the checkup, everything was fine, my full blood picture is excellent, my blood pressure is nice, the position of the baby is right where it should be (my baby head is already engaged and sits right behind my pubic bone and pressuring my bladder, which explains the feeling of weeing all the time ), the baby sempat lagi show off, kicking and wriggling when the midwife tries to listen to its heart beat.haha.I've gained 13 kg and according to her, it's perfect and spot on (perfect??WTH, susah nak nurun ya kelak) as that's the weight they'll be expecting from a pregnant lady...Alhamdulillah, everything is fine..but..but...she said that the swab that i've took last two weeks for Group B Streptococus is tested positive..(i was devastated, and all i can think of is will it harm my baby??). but then the midwife explained and reassures me tht its very common , and during my labour, i will be given two doses of antibiotic to protect the baby.After hearing her say that and googling some more info , i am bit relieved. So for the pregnant ladies out there be aware of this, and make sure u get a swab for Group B Streptococus.

After the checkup, then we're off to do our weekly routine which were fruit and vege shopping and grocery shopping. We went to Subiaco Market (fruit heaven), to buy the fresh produce . We always calls ourselves lembu, since we always hauled back one big box of fresh fruits and vege's. Yesterday we bought two type of oranges, plums, persimmons (for my MIL), two types of apples, bananas and fresh green vege's (memang lembu). We always incorporate fruits and vege's during our meals and eat less meat (healthy lifestyle lah tek), but then again we never manage to lose some of our weight *sigh*.Next stop, Wooly, for some groceries.

-Subiaco Market-

Next, 'lunch time', masa yg ditunggu2.i'm a self confessed foodies, loves to eat and try new foods hence the love for cooking and baking ..But unfortunately, they're limited halal restaurants and cafes in Perth..sob.sob..tok nyuruh rindu ngn malaysia..So we decided to eat japanese food at Shimizu in the city, but the rain hindered our plan, then our second option was Rasa Nyonya , but it was close (maybe mek duak pergi awal gilak, brk jak kol 11 time ya), then we decided to eat at Izyan's Malay cuisine, we have been to this place before and its a bit pricey and the food was kind of blergh, but we decided to give it another try (neytauk cook dh tukar)..i've ordered nasi ayam goreng and pojan ordered lamb briyani, suprisingly, this time around the food was nice..i love the environment and the deco of this place, rasa mkn kt malaysia jak, P.Ramlee song was played on the stereo and guess what , the waitress is from Bau (bak bak jak mek duak klakar swk, last2 brk nya madah, nasib x nganok tpt ya..haha).

,-pojan's lamb briyani, dh nelan aik liur dh org mude..haha-
- my nasik ayam goreng..nice..-

-love the deco, very malay-

pizah: deng, kelak mun da rumah kt polah camtok k
pojan: aok , bah.
pizah:..(dlm ati berbunga bunga)..

-me and my puffy face..getting puffier and chubbier..-

-the rain which hindered our initial plan to lunch at shimizu-

Then we went to Utopia for bubble tea. Utopia is a vegetarian cafe, they sells varieties of drinks and delicacies which some of them using imitation meat.i've ordered 1 large, hazelnut bubble tea with sago ( nang bonganlah , x alang2 alu order nak besar), my fav,i've never failed to order this drink whenever im there and pojan ordered one small blueberry milk tea, mine was nicer..haha..Yesterday, i stuffed myself up with food sampey x larat nak berjalan, becos ngenang masa confinement kelak xpat makan sebarang gilak..sob..sob.so this few days i'm planning to stuff myself up with my fav food..muahahaha..

-my fav drink..hazelnut bubbletea..nyumm..-

- pojan sempat lelap sambil nunggu aik-

-cute cakes-

-the sky starts to clear up..been raining the whole morning-

Adoi, panjang jak my second post tok, mesti boring ktkorg baca..ok, so i'll stop rambling and maybe continue my ..zzzzzz..time (plus today its raining and very windy, so memang sesuai for zzz time..hehe).

cau cin cau

Friday, May 21, 2010

Olivia Newton-John and Sue Sylvester - Physical Glee


I have always been wanting to create a blog, even my hubby has been encouraging me (as i have so many time in my hand, being a fulltime housewife), but couldn't find and have any idea to write. But today, i have an epiphany (chewah), to start blogging.

Ok, to start off my blog, i'd like to intro a bit bout myself. Im a 27 year old, full time housewife, happily married, soon to be a mummy ( 38 weeks pregger now), currently resides in perth ( but a proud kuchingites),loves reading, baking and cooking, loves cats and etc..oops, getting a bit boring there (ppl pls bear with me, first time ma)..

My blog will be bout my life here in perth, my journey in motherhood and marriage life , my love for cooking and baking, my loves for cats..ok, i'll stop ranting now..i'll be blogging in bahasa srwk + english (rojaklah)..as im not that good in english although ive scored A1 in SPM (ceh, eksyen jak lebih tp MUET x juak bagus ney)..haha..

Ok, thats all for today guys, i'll be updating soon, with all my latest news here (mcm lah ada org interested with my news..hehe)..

i'll leave u guys with a clip from glee..this song have been playing in my head since last nite..my hubby adores sue sylvester (his fav character in glee, haha)