Friday, May 21, 2010


I have always been wanting to create a blog, even my hubby has been encouraging me (as i have so many time in my hand, being a fulltime housewife), but couldn't find and have any idea to write. But today, i have an epiphany (chewah), to start blogging.

Ok, to start off my blog, i'd like to intro a bit bout myself. Im a 27 year old, full time housewife, happily married, soon to be a mummy ( 38 weeks pregger now), currently resides in perth ( but a proud kuchingites),loves reading, baking and cooking, loves cats and etc..oops, getting a bit boring there (ppl pls bear with me, first time ma)..

My blog will be bout my life here in perth, my journey in motherhood and marriage life , my love for cooking and baking, my loves for cats..ok, i'll stop ranting now..i'll be blogging in bahasa srwk + english (rojaklah) im not that good in english although ive scored A1 in SPM (ceh, eksyen jak lebih tp MUET x juak bagus ney)..haha..

Ok, thats all for today guys, i'll be updating soon, with all my latest news here (mcm lah ada org interested with my news..hehe)..

i'll leave u guys with a clip from glee..this song have been playing in my head since last hubby adores sue sylvester (his fav character in glee, haha)

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