Thursday, May 27, 2010

...Another Sleepless Nite...

I cant sleep at all last nite, i look like a panda now, with little black ring around my puffy eyes. Apart from a contraction and the baby kicking, the main reason i cant sleep is because of the opera song. Damn that crazy old lady ( my crazy neighbour that i mentioned in my previous post), at around 2 am i was awaken by her opera song!, that lady must has been cranking up her stereo up to the max last nite (despite the heavy rain, i can still hear her song playing), starting around 2 am till , well literally now ( i would really love to kick her A** ,well pardon my french). What was she thinking ?? Playing those songs at the wee hour!, i guess she has no respect at all for her neighbours. I'm pretty sure she has awakened most of the ppl in our neighbourhood. Because of her, im hating opera now! (i have nothing against opera songs up until now, that lady really has given opera a bad rep), to me the sound of croaking frog or crow squawking is much more acceptable rather than the opera songs...haish...geram geram, rasa nak ngamok jak..

- sleepless nite-

-i officially hates opera-

Just a short entry today, saja nak melepas geram!

Signing off


  1. hehe.. tedah2. bukak juak lagu nyerin2 bukak lagu newboyz kah? hahaha

  2. boys indah, mun masang new boys dgn kmek skalik x pat tdo..