Wednesday, May 26, 2010



I'm in my 38 weeks now, my tummy is already big and round ;looks like a pilates ball and feels like its going to burst anytime soon (haha..memang dh sarat giler). I walk terkedek kedek like Pingu the penguin (lucu jak rupa) , and it has been hard for me to perform solat mcm biasa, so i had to solat on the chair instead (bcos everytime i rukuk or sujud , rs mcm nk terkeluar jak bb). As a first time mummy, im having a mixed feelings while anticipating the arrival of my baby (nervous, fear, excitement, anxious, macam macam ada!) and there seems to be thousands of questions running through my mind ; such as; how will i cope with the pain during during labour??; will my baby be healthy and normal ??; will i be a good mom??...and etc...I guess i'll only know all the answers when the time comes *sigh*.

- me @ 37 weeks with my pilates ball..haha-

- this is how i walk nowadays..hehe-

Anyway, i've been subscribing to which update me with my weekly pregnancy. To expecting mums out there i reccommend this website for more information and guidelines.

What is happenning now?

You are now 38 weeks pregnant, which is the beginning of week 39.

With around two weeks to go, your baby may be about 49 cm long (19.2 inches) and approximately 3,200 grams in weight (3.2 kg or just over 7lb).

The fine covering of hair on your baby's body (called lanugo) all but disappears now, but their skin is still covered with thick, greasy, white cream called vernix. If your baby is a boy, their testes have now descended from their groin area into their scrotum. Your baby's placenta now covers about one third of the inner surface of your uterus and processes around 12 litres of blood per hour (or 600 pints every 24 hours)!

My 'nesting' period starts about 2 months ago (when i was in my 7 mth), ive started collecting, buying and hunting for baby stuff. Most of the baby stuff that i bought was preloved goods (a nicer way to address second hand goods..haha), bought from friends, swap markets and baby kids markets ; which is a cool place to hunt for baby stuff, most of the preloved goods is branded, of excellent quality and u can buy it for a really cheap price!. Kesian my baby , has to use preloved goods, but then again we have to berjimat cermat, since my hubby is a student and im not working ;plus the cost of living here is very , very high *sigh*(sian kmk org, kais pagi mkn pagi, kais ptg mkn petang..ehehe..xda lah sampey camya, bulak li jak). The only thing that we bought first hand was the baby car seat ; its a requirement to use baby car seat in OZ; and we have already fitted the car seat one month ago (semangat seyh)...hehe..Luggage pun dh ready, tinggal nunggu masa jak.

- tips on how to put your baby to sleep and reduce SIDS-

- getting ready: the baby cot-

- getting ready: my luggage..ready to go...

Owh oklah, sorry for the long post, must be boring reading it, i tend to overdo whenever i've started writing. I'll stop ranting now. Nyway, Wish me luck guys! I need all the luck that i can get.=)

Oh Oh , one more thing, last nite me and hubby couldnt sleep, u know why? Because we have a crazy old lady as a neighbour!..last nite at around 3 am she suddenly belted out an opera song (scary, tiba2 tgh mlm dengar bunyi opera) and when our other neighbour shouted F*** off, she stop singing. The lady really is crazy, she likes to play opera song all day long from 5 am to around 1-2 am, while singing along to it. Plus she really likes to complaint about petty stuff, she seem to be making a lot of enemies around this block. I really dislike her (mun ada button dislike kat mukanya lamak dh tekan)..fuh!

Cau Cin Cau

Signing off!


  1. hehehe..funny kitak pun crazy neighbour ya. anyway, mun nangga camney di malaysia tok n di sinun pn preparation untuk beranak mmg lain owh. reminds me dgn pelem2 omputeh jak...hehehe. wpun klak kmk sik diam di negri omputeh, mk rs mok molah preparation cam tok juak eh

  2. yalah non, funnily crazy org tua ya, nya kedak org tua nak grumpy lam crita omputeh eh, dh mukanya creepy and giginya kunin, scaryyy...aok, nang preparationnya kedak ya, dhlh cdak merik option camney kt mok beranak, mok beranak squattingka, atas bol lah, lam pool ka, beranak tertonggengka, tp x berani mek ncoba, beranak cr biasa jak..haha..dhlh nya offer pojan gunting umbilical cord kelak...pisan jak nya kelak..haha