Sunday, May 30, 2010

...just wanna share...


Just wanna share a couple of music videos i came accross in YT which i think is cool. Just love these guys, they're awesome. Their cover is better than the original IMO. Love, love their voice!!

Me and my hubby never failed to have a fit of laughter everytime we saw this ad. Damn hilarious!!..would u be turn on by a steam carpet cleaner?..uh, uh, not me!..enjoy the vid!..hehe

jokingly i said to my hubby, would u do this for me??..huh!, serious?? u really want me too?? .hahaha..ndak mek mok juak eh!..;p

nyway just a short entry today.. im off to teman my hubby working in the lab in a short while. Last time i used to help him do his labwork ( and i've enjoyed doing it! i always like doing labwork), but now as his experiment becomes more technical and has to deal with machines, i cant do anything else but to be with him there as a motivator (to cheer him up, cheerios lah tek) . Cian my hubby, as his research progress makin stress nya, no wonderlah org refer PHD as permanent head damage. After deliver kelak, xpatlah teman my hubby gik, siannya..motivate pakey telepathy jak..haha

uh oh im in my 39 weeks today, 6 more days is going to be my EDD (bilalah baby nak keluar tok. x sabar dah..hehe) and in 2 more days i will be 27 ..huhu..dh tua dah aku tok... hopefully baby will come out on the 1st june, sak sama birthday with me...hehe..jimat mun celebrate birthday lak..= >

oklah, signing off..

cau cin cau

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